Miniature Birch Scrambler and Cafe Racer by Lawless Bikes South Africa

We all admire the customised bikes. We all wanted to have our favourite bike to be customised in best way. But its not possible for all of us to have such pleasure. But out there is South Africa Johann De Wet is making something unique for all the bike lovers. His Lawless bikes are the miniature of the BMW and Triumph bikes.

lawless bmw scramblerlawless triumph cafe racer

Started off as a personal project he created the cafe racer replica for his son. All the parts are scaled down and designed through CAD. Birch plywood then cut through the CNC machine. Then all the parts were connected by the hands and all the motorcycle parts like tyres, grips and seat are given to the miniature. After that the plywood get the designing and spray painting with the Lawless Badge. 

Source- Lawless Bikes

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