Perfect place for your Helmet - Halley Helmet Stand

Halley Accessories a Barcelona based accessories brand has now launched a new helmet stand for the millennial. This could be the perfect solution for the people looking for storing and keeping their bike helmets safe. Helmet stand is a table stand which you can keep on any flat surface or  you can use as the helmet rack.  The spherical ball over the stand holds the helmet firmly.

Brands thinking is simple and their love for the two wheelers is not restricted for the roads. This helmets stand can be a deserving place for your helmet. A redefined and sophisticated design results in contemporary home accessories where you can display your helmet with pride.

Marc Graells, Product Designer at Halley Accessories says, “I was fed up of spending money on my helmet to then have it hidden in a cupboard or torn by a traditional hook. I take pride in my bike and my helmet on the road and I wanted to bring that into my home. I was looking at the racks out there but nothing met my expectations, I wanted something functional that would look after my helmet but also stylish.

I was working as a product designer at the time, making furniture and interior decorations for European companies, so I thought why not design my own helmet rack? I started to work on the project during my free time and I made a couple of prototypes. My friends saw what I was doing and asked me to make more samples so they could have one for their houses. This kept happening so I had another thought and decided to produce the helmet rack on a bigger scale!”

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