Yamaha is looking for Rider for Dues Swank Rally of Sardenga Classic

Yamaha Motor is looking for the 5 riders for the Yamaha Swank Faster Son Team. And for this Yamaha Motor Italia and Dues Ex Machina with the creators of Rally of Sardinia inorder to relaunch the Swank Rally of Sardegna Classic.

The search for the riders  will take place from January - April. There will be four events in which riders have to go through test for getting selected in the team which will go to Sardanina.

The project is one of the activities that will accompany the Faster Sons range throughout 2019. The Sardinia Classic Swank Rally consists of different off-road routes with special authorised tests and is defined by all as a true Gentleman's Race.

The first edition of Rally of Sardinia was held in 1984. It will be now a great to experience the historic rally staged in modern techniques. 

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