Interview: Sergio Giordano from Italian Dream Motorcycle

Keeping our interview series moving ahead, we have now interviewed our friend Sergio Giordano from the famous Italian Dream Motorcycle. He has modified various bikes and the Tripla Speed series is well known. He took his valuable time to answer our traditional questions:

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1. Which is the first bike you purchased from your own money?

The first bike I had was the Grizzly of Malaguti, a cross minimoto I was 12, but my father had bought it at the Bologna Motor Show, which was up than 20 years ago, one of the most important automotive events of the world.

But the first thing with two wheels that I bought with my money was a  Piaggio Vespa 50 Special Primavera, elaborated at 135, I was 15 years old and I was living in Naples at the time.

2. When did you realised that you wanted to be a bike builder?

I've always been busy with many different things, I've always done it, and before starting the development of an important project just like it was Italian Dream Motorcycle, it often goes years before I realised it, the first time I seriously thought about designing and building motorcycles and It was 15 years ago when I was working in Indonesia.

3. How many bikes have you build till now?

At the moment I have released 9 projects, 6 of which have already been made, and the fact that they have been so different from each other, also as development as well as in the final result has allowed me to acquire a good experience. I'm finishing one, and there are two more that we'll start this year.

4. Which is your dream bike?

This question sounds funny if it is addressed to me, I called my company Italian Dream Motorcycle ...

Each of the bikes that we make, I'm glad to be the bike of someone's dreams...

That I will build tomorrow ...

5. What's your point of view on electric bikes?

It's a question that I've already asked myself to answer several times. My father was a car driver, I have a training that has always come from agony, I'm lucky to have to deal with this environment working in the context of the Superbike world championship, so I find it very difficult imagine an electric racing mobility.

I find instead that the mobility and the daily use of electric vehicles is a very interesting and stimulating challenge in which we will exclude ourselves.

6. Who are others people who inspired you for your work?

Each of my projects is inspired by someone, but the first and the work of Italian Dream Motorcycle, is very inspired by Carlo Talamo, father of Speed ​​Triple and many other things. I would deserve an article on your move internet site that if you want I can have the pleasure to write to you.

7. Whats your new project?

In these days we are writing the third chapter of the Tripla collection

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